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Manitoba, Canada

April 15, 1967


My sexual orientation:

Men, Women, Couples

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cum edge


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Hello, I am tatsdude (chat room name Inkbator) and I work as a Chaturbate model. I am from Manitoba, Canada. I speek English. I was born on April 15, 1967 so I'm 56 years old :) . I would like to say that I am really interested in Men, Women, Couples, but also open to new experiences. If I should describe my live show with a few words I would use: cum edge

Tipping hot required but appreciated. Helps get me some new toys! I just love sex, all kinds of sex. Only limits are no bathroom stuff ie water sports and poop and no blood. By watching me, you consent to and acknowledge without limitation or reservation all of the following: My images (static or otherwise) and moving images (a.k.a video) are copyrighted by me, and no permission for the recording, capture, broadcast, or any other use of my images is granted. I reserve all rights to all my image herein, in any format, and waive none. Legal action may be initiated pursuant to any violation of these conditions.

Bio info:

Age: 56 years old

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